Digital embroidery

All marketing you need at one stop!


Online marketing is vital but the more publicity the better. Stay visible offline as well.

One tool of our offline marketing is digital embroidery. We became interested in the craft of digital embroidery in 2006 as a response to the growing demand for this sort of services.

As an answer to the growing number of customers requiring high quality embroidery, as well as the quantity of orders exceeding our expectations, we modernized and built up on our existing factory. It is now equipped with technologically modern, industrial, multi-head machinery by recognized and respected names in embroidery, Tajima and Happy.

We offer you multicolored embroidery on:

We will design an emblem to suit your needs or alternatively you can choose from our catalog. The design involves modern software which results in excellent quality embroidery. We lead in embroidery market thanks to experienced and qualified people we employ, as well as thanks to continually modernized and updated technology and machinery.

If you are interested in promoting your business, idea offline by means of digital embroidery get familiar with our offer.