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Advertising campaign by means of Google is not as straightforward as it would seem at first glance. On the contrary, it requires knowledge and experience.

Do you think that users visiting your website by chance are enough to rank you high in Google?

Forget about it. Cheap positioning techniques used to be efficient 10 years ago but not any more. Nowadays more invention is required. Invention followed by implementation is the motto at TechMore.

Are you aware as to why some websites have higher google ranking over others?

Successful Google campaign has a few constituents:

  • positioning of your website - by means of key words and key phrases in a way that they bring about high position for a long time
  • choice of adequate sponsored links - here Google gives us an amazing tool Add Words, better delegate it to specialists if you haven't learned how to use it
  • your website itself - high ranking website won't stay long this way if users won't fancy using it.

Do you judge by the cover only? Don't forget about the content. Key words, key phrases - right there to bring the most impact. Efficient campaign in Google will bring your company or idea long lasting popularity on the web. Just translate popularity into profit. It's about the profit, isn't it ? High position in Google is the means, your success and profit are the goals. Let our specialists do what they are good at and we'll see you at the top.