Search engine optimization

Improve your site's ranking with SEO!

  • Killer content
  • Eye-catching design
  • Functionality
  • Readability
  • Ease of use

But how to let Google find, crawl and index your perfect site?

At TechMore we design websites that are search engine friendly from bottom up. We are proud of being good at Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We are advocates of responsible SEO, that can bring advantages to your site. We say NO to irresponsible SEO which can result in damage to your site and reputation. We use exclusively accepted business behaviour, no deceptive redirects.

We follow design and content guidelines:

  • site has clear hierarchy and text links
  • site map with important links to the site
  • the site is informative, clearly and accurately describes content
  • likely words that users type in search engines are a must for your site

We follow technical guidelines:

  • all site's content including images, javaScript, CSS files are seen to Googlebot
  • the site is allowed to be crawled without session ID
  • use of if-modified since HTTP header to tell google about changes and save your bandwidth
  • use of robots.text files on web server which tell crawlers which directories can and which can't be -crawled
  • CMS system creates pages and links that can be crawled by search engines
  • the site must appear correctly in different browsers
  • monitoring of site performance and optimization of load times

How much you know about your site and Google interaction:

  1. Does Google know about your site?
  2. Can Google index your site?
  3. Does your site have useful content which is relevant to what users look for?
At TechMore our SEO experts know how to answer these questions and how to improve your site's ranking.