Efficiently contact with your client


So you know business is a race. Let's take it together. We know how to start fast in the race and not to be shot down in flames on the way. We offer you a professional website as an efficient means of communication with your clients.

Let your client know that they deal with a professional. In multimedia world we live in, it is hard to get efficient marketing. Therefore your business card is so crucial. Nowadays it's the website that carries the meaning of a business card.

Thanks to world wide web you communicate with the clients, sell ideas, products. Be aware that the first impression counts. Together, we'll reach your key customers.

Your product or idea can be a market leader, but it never happens overnight. Do't be the hare of a story. Quality, perseverance and investment are the key to success.

Do not let your website vanish in the web of other mediocre websites. Give your idea a chance. Be the entrepreneur, business pioneer, the founder of the empire. Invest in a professional website at the very start and you won't need to pay for alterations later on.

Choose professionals to do what they are good at. We've been in this industry for a dozen or so years. Big brands which trusted us are the tell-tell signs of our expertise.

Learn the phases we will go through together to get you on top:

  1. Reconnaissance. Quality matters to us. This is why we begin with getting to know our client and their business. At this stage we learn the specific needs of your business, expectations of your customers and the right marketing it should get. All of this, results in a tailor-made website.
  2. Validation. We have a few flexible packets to suit every packet and taste.
  3. Invention and draft implementation. We will present the concept to you. You might have questions and some doubts at this stage. We will address them and clarify. Your project is a means, your satisfaction is the goal.
  4. Preparation of eye-catching graphic we put down in the hands of our webmasters.
  5. Implementation of TM CMS. It might sound sophisticated but will make the content of your website totally manageable by you and functional for your clients.We will teach you how to alter the content of your site without having to pay for alterations elsewhere. At TechMore user panel in included in the price.
  6. Frontend implementation. The effects of our work will start to materialize and you will appreciate choosing experience of TechMore.
  7. Testing. We must be sure the end product runs flawlessly
  8. Configuration of domain and email account.
  9. Workshop on how to use your website. We will tell you how to use your website to maximise its potential to increase sales.

Going back to the tale of a hare and a tortoise. To be a leader of a never ending race in a business context you need to have both qualities of a hair and a tortoise. The hare provides innovation and the tortoise implementation. At TechMore we have both and we do both. You have the idea you are so sure of, or a solution that have been the result of many years of investigating, or experience resulting from countless hours of experimentation. Turn it into a product, fulfill market demand and make profit. Invest in a professional website and win the race as entrepreneur. Let the unexperienced hares be lame and hasty.